Electrical installation, turnkey structures, lease of equipment, telecommunications


Our specialists have many years’ experience in the designing, installation and commissioning of PDH, SDH, DSL, LAN, GSM, MW technologies.

In view of the vast number of installations we give only approximate numbers and types of installations or their manufacturer:

SDH equipment – since 1993 our specialists have designed, installed and commissioned several hundreds of SDH equipment manufactured by Alcatel-Lucent (different types of equipment with transmission rate from STM-1 to STM-64), Marconi (MSH series) and Huawei (Optix OSN series).

PDH equipment – hundreds of installations of TDM systems from the portfolio of Alcatel-Lucent, Marconi and Ericsson, including procurement of project documentation.

DSL equipment – installation of approximately 300 pcs of DSL concentrators manufactured by Huawei.

GSM and MW equipment – designing, installation and commissioning of well over a 100 pcs of this equipment. This includes in particular GSM equipment by Ericsson (RBS 2xxx series), Nokia (UltraSite, UltraSite Midi Outdoor, MetroSite and NanoBTS), Siemens (BS 60, BS 61, BS 240, BS 241) and MW equipment by Ericsson (MINI LINK, MINI LINK Traffic Node), NERA (CITY LINK, COMPACT LINK series), NEC (PASOLINK type) and Siemens (S-RAL type).

Our Company has the following measuring devices available for measuring of parameters of installed equipment.

Cable, Antenna and Base Station Analyzers:
Anritsu Site Master S332D and Cell Master MT8212A.

BER testers:
Sunset E20, SunSet SDH, ParaScope E1, NetProbe SDH, and VePAL TX150E.

Optical power meters and variable attenuator:
EXFO FOT-22AX, FPM-302, FPM-602, and FVA-60B.