Electrical installation, turnkey structures, lease of equipment, telecommunications


GTS Novera, Inc.
In May 2007 our Company entered into a general contract for the construction of SDH, PDH, MW and data equipment with GTS Novera, Inc. In year 2009 our Company has become one of the most important suppliers in Moravia in this scope.

Alcatel-Lucent Czech Co., Ltd.
In December 2007 our teams of specialists started to reconfigure the SDH and TDM network of ČEZ ICT, as a subcontractor of Alcatel–Lucent. These activities have been carried out continuously by our company.

Hyundai, Inc., Nošovice
Delivery and installation of UPS systems for different divisions of the company.

Vodafone CZ, Inc. (as a subcontractor)
We carried out more than 150 ACRs and other activities relating to the construction of localities (upgrades, cutovers, installation of new locations, air-conditioning systems, chillers etc.) for the mobile operator VODAFONE. This includes namely GSM equipments by Ericsson (RBS 2xxx series), Siemens (BS 60, BS 61, BS 240, BS 241) and MW equipment by Ericsson (MINI LINK, MINI LINK Traffic Node) and Siemens (S-RAL type).

Mobilkom, Inc. (as a subcontractor)
During the last year we implemented 15 installations of localities for this mobile operator.

GE Money Bank, Inc.
Our specialists implemented the construction of a data centre in Prague. It involved the installation of diesel generators, UPS systems and air-conditioning.

Mann Hummel, Inc.
Continuously we carry out installations of low-voltage distribution systems and lighting for different divisions of the company.

B Braun Medical Co., Ltd.
Delivery and Installation of a UPS system.

Kooperativa, Inc.
Our Company performed an overall reconstruction of the power-producing centre including a delivery and installation of a standby power system, air-conditioning, high-voltage distribution point and high-voltage transformer. Our designing team was responsible for the acquisition and designing of the entire project.

MVE Zdobnice
In 2007 we became the general contractor for the construction of a small water power plant, which will be put into operation in 2009.

Toyota Peugeot Citroën Automobile Czech Co., Ltd.
In February 2008 our Company won a public tender for the delivery of project documentation of the data room. In May 2008 the project was successfully completed.

Telefonica O2 Slovakia, Inc. (as a subcontractor)
So far we have implemented the construction of 42 network localities for the company Telefonica O2 Slovakia. This includes namely a GSM equipment by Nokia (UltraSite, UltraSite Midi Outdoor, MetroSite), and MW systems NEC (PASOLINK type).

MTC mobile operator, the Ukraine
From January 2007 to October 2007 our specialized team was responsible for the project management of the construction of base stations and subsequent installation of technology for the Ukrainian mobile operator UMC, today MTC. We performed 14 base stations of the RT type and 6 base stations of GF type in the regions of Kiev, Ciernigov, Zytomir for this operator.

IPKO mobile operator, Kosovo
Since October 2007 our specialists are responsible for the installation of technological equipment for the new mobile operator in Kosovo, IPKO. Currently more than 200 sites were successfully put into operation under our project management.

The Office of the Government of the Czech Republic
Reconstruction of wiring and SHZ anti-fire system in the technical areas of the building.

Telefónica O2 Czech Republic, Inc.
As the general contractor of the most important technological parter of Telefónica O2 – the company Huawei Technologies (Czech) s.r.o. – we've been involved in the construction of SDH transmissiion systems.

T-Mobile Czech Republic Inc (as a subcontractor)
Since 2009 we've been involved inthe construction of the telecomunication system for the biggest local mobile operator.